Robbins College of Health & Human Sciences

Public Health

The Department of Public Health at Baylor University is a team of scientists committed to measuring health, promoting health equity, improving the well-being of vulnerable and underserved populations in every community, and training the next generation of public health researchers and practitioners. We value the diversity of students, faculty, communities, and ideas, and collaborate to serve and support the health of vulnerable and underserved populations.

"I could see how Public Health students had an impact on the community in real time, instead of sitting in a classroom and reading about it in a textbook or hearing about it in a lecture." 

Chris Amezcua
Current Student

"Our classroom is all over the place. The Public Health program at Baylor trains you to work in all different arenas of health and healthcare."

Beth Lanning

"The experiences in the joint degree provided me with a toolbox that included research and writing skills, a hunger for helping educate others, and the confidence to continue pursuing my goals." 

Hassan Shaikh